The Agency

In Ancient Greek rhetoric, art was commonly considered as most useful when it was practically applied towards an objective. Art was craftsmanship and craftsmanship was art. It’s where our name comes from, and it’s the principle our company is founded upon.

TEKNICI was recently founded by two students from Dallas, TX, in December 2017. Built to help bring life and energy to new and existing brands alike, it continues to grow as a brand itself.


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Work flow

Our job is not just to apply our own expertise into every project we take on - it’s also to make sure that our work connects wholeheartedly with your brand, your identity, and your goals. That means that we’re there to learn about you first; to learn about your world, your perspectives, and your culture.

We are not a large company. We’re a small group of creative and driven thinkers, and specialists at what we do. That means our work doesn’t go through an assembly line - any project we take on is given an intimate engagement, and everything we do is meticulously handcrafted in how personally we overlook our tasks. The end result is something tailored to fulfill your aspirations - and not simply manufactured to meet basic standards.


Given how varied our clients’ needs can get, the scope of each project we take on varies in size. They can range from art direction for a product line by a well-established brand, to literally helping shape the identity of a new brand. We maintain relentless versatility in the projects we handle, and we make sure that we can provide the services you need for whatever your project may require.

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strategy content

  • Digital Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords)

  • Web Design

  • Illustrations

  • Copywriting

  • Photography

  • Video Production

  • Brand Identity

  • Creative Research

  • Art Direction

  • Visual Design

  • User Interface